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Dec 26, 2018

“Do No Harm” Movie Night Event Sponsorship 194 practicing physicians, medical students and residents signed up to attend the screening of “Do No Harm,” a documentary examination of the strain of residency programs on trainees. The event featured a reception where people could mingle at Kitchen Table beforehand, and following the screening there was a facilitated discussion about physician burnout, stress among medical students and residents.  NPS volunteered two mental health professionals to offer aid if needed. Follow up has been a monthly invitation to continue the conversation at MOMS alternating in the mornings and evenings. CUMC and UNMC are both holding screenings in December because some of the attendees wanted to make it available to anyone who could not attend.

Candidate Meet n’ Greet  NPS brought support to an opportunity for healthcare professionals to meet candidates for the 2018 mid-term election, held on [] at []. Numerous candidates for local and national office were in attendance.

Nebraska Licensing Regulations NPS has taken an active role in offering revisions to the physician licensing application forms, recommending adoption of language that does not discriminate against providers with mental health or substance use disorders, but still offers sound protection to the public from impaired physicians.

Dues  Dues are due—and we can’t keep doing all this heavy lifting without funds to make it happen. We thank you in advance for your renewal.

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